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Each day, hundreds of Chinese are deciding they want to be Christian. And as they start their walk with the figurehead of the religion, Christ, they are trying to speak to God and use scriptural resources to build their faith.

Christianity around the world

Nowadays, millions of Christians within China still don’t own their personal copy of the Bible. Your donation can put the word of God at the centre of the future of the Chinese Church. In spite of the chaos of disruption and violence, priests in the violent Middle East are determined to assist persecuted Christians and maintain the Church in this disrupted region.

But many are very short of “educative” Bibles and literature, and it is often dangerous to obtain Christian material in some places. This is why they look elsewhere in hope of receiving these study Bibles safely and on time. Many people know and revere the courage of their Christian brothers in delivering the Word of God in the face of peril over many years.

When you offer a woman with a vocation in a country which is developing, you give her an opportunity for a new future. For most women of the Persecuted Church, the offering of a sewing machine and teaching how it is used provides a key lifeline out of poverty and persecution.

In many countries with a strong Muslim presence, Christians are not just persecuted, they are also the least rich members of society. Women in particular face special persecution. They are denied education and often struggle to survive.

Christian news and features

We also discuss passages from the Bible and how they can apply to modern day.

For example, the Bible discusses hungering and thirsting after integrity as a cardinal virtue in the life of a Christian person and a hallmark of the true follower. To be one of God’s children is to enjoy the righteousness of our Lord through his Son. Christ died for us so that we could, through God, have such integrity.

Righteousness and transgression

The issue for many of us who carry God’s name with us is that we believe the thing we are meant to be searching for is ideal performance in holding the law and evading transgression. Of course the most honest Christian desires to do both. A lifestyle of sin and transgression is one element of what we are saved from when we cry out to Christ and put our faith in Him for our salvation. Aiming for moral integrity is a great thing if we aim for it in the power of our resurrected Saviour.

The difficulty is that many of us aim for it in the power of the body and have come to think that perfect ethical performance is what it is to be filled with integrity. Actually such behaviour, if it originates in human effort, is obviously yoked with self-righteousness. Such "righteousness" is a sin and an abomination to God.

This is just one opinion and one of the many we publish on this site.

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